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LAPW Leadership Team
LAPW Leadership Team
A Year of Living in the Moment  

I can’t express how excited I am to devote this year to being your president. What an honor. I have chosen the theme of living in the moment for several reasons.

Abraham Maslow said, “The ability to be present in the moment is a major component of mental wellness.”

I believe that when we are able to be fully present in both our professional lives as well as our personal lives we are being better not only to ourselves but those around us. This is a challenging proposition and one I think I will always struggle with. How many times have we been at work only to be thinking of what needs to be done at home? Then, at home making notes about what we need to do at work tomorrow? It’s my hope that by joining with all of you intelligent, strong, fearless and powerful women, we can sharpen this skill of Living in the Moment and move closer to maximizing what we have to offer our coworkers, families, and the many philanthropic teams in which we partake.

It is a gift to be able to go on this journey with a group of women like you. I promise to give you my best and hope to be a good example of Living in the Moment.


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  • May 28 - Monthly Membership Meeting
  • June 18 - Leadership Team Meeting
  • June 25 - Monthly Membership Meeting

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